Momma Helen’s Authentic Mexican Mennonite Taquitos

Our Authentic Mexican MennoniteTaquitos are made with fresh vegetables, and flavoured to perfection with our signature enchilada sauce. Every Taquito is hand-rolled and fried in canola oil. After frying, we use our time-tested drip-dry method, to ensure every Taquito can be frozen, preserving the best taste and quality, without the excess oil.

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Choose from our list of 8 flavours below. Authentic, and home-made, our Taquitos will satisfy everyones’ tastebuds. Made with Corn Tortillas, and our own Enchilada Sauce which happens to make the Taquitos Gluten Free. Packages of 6 are available online. Smaller or larger packages can be pre-ordered, contact us if you would like to mix/match smaller orders, or if you need an event catered.


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