Authentic Mexican-Mennonite Taquitos; Frozen to Preserve Taste and Quality

Momma Helen’s offers Taquitos in NINE delicious flavours. Choose Original or Spicy, when you order online or at local markets. Spicy Taquitos come wrapped in a blue corn Tortilla and include jalapeños.

At Momma Helen’s we hand-roll every Taquito in a Commercially Licensed Kitchen located in the Tuxedo Village Shopping Centre in Winnipeg.

What makes Momma Helen’s Taquitos different?

Taquitos are made fresh and then frozen to preserve the best taste and maintain the highest quality. Authentic Mexican spices are used to flavour every Taquito, including a homemade enchilada sauce inside every Taquito filling.  

Delicious Authentic Mexican Flavour in every Taquito.

Reheat in under 15 minutes an air fryer, toaster oven or oven.

Easy meal and snacks, perfect for the whole family.

Taquitos are easy to reheat and can be enjoyed in 15 minutes. Follow the reheating instructions on our Faq’s Page for more details.

Where can you find Momma Helen’s Frozen Taquitos?

Our Taquitos are sold at local Farmers Markets throughout Winnipeg including the St Norbert Farmers Market (throughout the year) and the Wolseley Farmers Market (during the summer). Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for our upcoming market dates and new markets we are attending. Currently our kitchen is not open to the public, so please make sure to pre-order and confirm large orders. We offer delivery within Winnipeg for an additional charge.

Follow Momma Helen’s on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming market dates and events. 

Taquito Flavours and Pricing

Flavours and prices are all listed on our Shop Online page. Payments can be made directly through the website. Click Here to Shop Online for Momma Helen’s Taquitos.